Sunday, February 16, 2014

Running Log for Week Ending 2/2/14

Monday – 7 easy.  Ran the loop from home on a decent weather day.  Went ahead and ran after Warren suggested I do so and things were ok as long as I kept it easy on the hills.  Strange that hills are the thing that really sets it off.  Went against Warren’s advice and rolled the lower part of my IT band (avoid my hip) which I think helped a ton.

Tuesday AM – 5.9 easy with Dan, Brayden, Frank, and Beardsley on a frigid (15 degree) day on a sheet of ice also known as the Dump Rd.  Got halfway down it and Dan was fed up so we (smartly) turned around.  Surprised how good things felt even though I was running on ice.

Tuesday PM – 6 easy even colder miles (9 degrees) with Warren and Guinness.  Surprised again that things felt better on this run than the earlier one.  Encouraged but it’s still clear I haven’t figured this thing out yet.  Nice to see Warren not struggle.

Wednesday – 8 miles easy, first 6 around the loop with Tunney, last 2 solo on the track roads.  Tunney was sore as hell from his ultimate tournament and I was a bit sorer than I had hoped following yesterday’s double.  Last couple probably weren’t needed leg-wise, but they were good for the head.

Thursday – 7 recovery miles on the Shore Rd with Beardsley.  Showed up to the school and everyone was either sick, injured, or doing something else so I waited around for Beardsley to show up and we went for some easy miles on the Shore Rd.  Conrad joined for the first part and Frank the second.

Friday – 7.3 easy between subbing and work.  Tried a couple different starts but ended up just running the loop from the school.  No motivation so just happy to get something in the books.  Leg hurts…moving on to tomorrow.

Saturday – 7.8 progressive miles with Louie.  Gorgeous day.  Ended up running much faster than I anticipated.  Started out fast and got faster.  6:20/6:21/6:16 last 3 including one up State St.  Fun to do something a bit faster, but the leg just feels dead.  Weird.

Sunday – 13.7 total.  Was supposed to be a long run but after running 8 with Warren and Guiness, I added on some more up by the hospital before my stomach had other ideas.  Immediately turned back towards the Y and made it just in time.  Not the long run I was expecting, but I’ll take it.

Total – 62.8 miles, one semi-workout, one semi-long run, one core workout, and six days of bands.  All in all not a bad week.  Most miles I’ve run in a while but still absent any great deal of quality.  11 weeks left…

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